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Joy-Con (Left)
The left Joy-Con comes with a square capture button to instantly record your gameplay and share it across social media.
The Stick
The analog stick on both Joy-Con Controller's can be used as action button and helps you navigate in games.
High precision sensors
Joy-Cons are equipped with the latest accelerometers and gyro sensors for the most precise motion and gesture-control gameplay.
Joy-Con (Right)
The right Joy-Con controller contains the NFC chip to access your amiibo data and is equipped with a motion-IR camera.
HD Rumble
Joy-Cons make you experience games more intense by simulating sensations with Nintendo's HD Rumble.
Personalize your Joy-Con
Joy-Con controllers come in different colors like Grey, Neon Red, and Neon Blue but more customization options are soon available world-wide.


Joy-Cons are what make the Nintendo Switch the only true plug-and-play local gaming hub. Always carry your Joy Cons to play with your friends any time - anywhere!


New Ways to Play Games Together

  • TV Mode
  • Tabletop Mode
  • Handheld Mode
3-in-1 Console
Nintendo Switch is a mix between a fixed console and a portable handheld game device. To meet the need of personalization, Nintendo made the Switch based on a modular design.
The Bundle
The package consists out of the Switch Console, Switch Dock and Joy-Con-controllers as main components of the Nintendo Switch.
Switch Dock
The Switch Dock connects to your television and power supply. By sliding the console in the Switch Dock the Switch charges the LCD-display and ports it to your television.
Play Together
The Switch allows you to play in three different ways: as a handheld, on your TV and in the so-called Tabletop Mode. Put your Switch on a table and it serves as a small TV screen.
Joy-Cons / Pro Controller
In this mode you can play games with the Joy-Cons or pro controller and share the screen with your friends.
Tabletop mode is perfect for a long distance flight, but make sure to charge the Nintendo Switch through a power bank when using it in Tabletop Mode.
Anywhere and Anytime
In handheld mode, you can take the console and play anywhere you like. It is perfect for in the car or in other places where you can't find a stable underground to put the system on.
Plug and Play
The Nintendo Console Switch with Joy-Con controllers plugged to the side can be used as a portable handheld, so you can take it anywhere you go.
Battery life
In Handheld mode the expected battery life is between 2.5 and 6 hours, depending on how much processing power your game demands.



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